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Thank you for choosing Razorgreen, Residential and Commercial Lawn Services.

*SERVICES:    Lawn Mowing  -  Bush Trimming  -  Flowerbed Cleanup  -  Mulch               

​*LOCATION:  Clear Lake, Webster, Friendswood, League City, Seabrook, Kemah, Dickinson

 Our quotes are based on size of yard, labor, gas and obstacles. If yard is overgrown we charge an 
 additional amount for the first cut, regular price every time after that. Our quotes are none negotiable.

 Request a quote online:

 Request a quote by phone (text or call):

 Weekly during the spring & summer, and biweekly or every 3 weeks during the fall & winter. 
 We don't make our clients sign a contract but we do expect them to be consistent with our schedule agreement.
 Please let us know of any changes as soon as possible if you're having contractors over or any work done.

 Pay per service or pay ahead for as many services as wanted. Payment is due before service is given (pre-pay).
 Please make the payment when text message is received (on Sundays) so we can add you to our route, 
 if payment is made late we will try to fit you in at the end of the week. 
 We only take PayPal through this website (we don't take cash checks or E-checks).
 Thank you for your prompt payment.

  We send a text message on Sundays as a reminder to make payment, and to have yard ready to be mowed.
  If payment hasn't been on Sunday we will send a second text reminder on Monday morning.
  If you need to re-schedule, skip or postpone service please let us know as soon as you receive our text reminder. 

  Please have gate to backyard unlocked the day of service or before we arrive.
  If you don't know which day we're in your area please check with us.

  Please have dogs put inside. We are always going in and out of backyard gates, we don't want your dog to run away. 
  Dogs get scared with the sounds of the mowing machines and people they're not familiar with, we don't want to be 
  attacked. Please keep them inside.

  We ask of our clients to please pick up items left on yard such as hoses, toys, tools, ropes, cables, trash or 
  anything that can become a projectile and hurt somebody, they can also brake windows, glass doors, car windows, etc. 
  Please have yard ready to be mowed, we don't want any accidents or damage. Thanks for your help.

*CONTRACTORS - (workers on property)
  If you have a crew or company working on your house the day of your scheduled lawn service, please let us 
  know 24 hours before so we can arrange for another day.

  We do not mow yards when the ground is wet, it is extremely messy and very difficult to make a yard look good 
  when a yard is wet, we will re-schedule for the next week. If your yard is too wet to mow due to sprinkler problems or 
  a broken pipe please let us know.

  We believe that if you no longer need us, you should be able to let us go whenever you want. 
  We wont hold you with binding and trapping long term contracts. 

  We issue refunds when the client has paid ahead of time and wants to cancel service.
  We do not issue refunds once the work has already been performed.

  We do not give away our clients' phone numbers to strangers or potential new clients. If you like our level of service 
  feel free to let everyone know about us, we appreciate your help when it comes to promoting our business to your 
  neighbors and friends.

  For any questions please contact us, we want to hear from you.

                                                               Thank you for choosing RAZORGREEN